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    LEGA high visibility jacket 36,12  VAT not included
    Monoblock polycarbonate glasses Pacaya smoke LYVIZ 9,73  VAT not included
    Granite PEAK Construction Helmet 24,15  VAT not included
    DUNLOP FLYING ARROW Work Shoes 60,86  VAT not included
    PANOSTRPA Work Trousers 20,16  VAT not included

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    Security boots (66)

    Work Slippers (49)

    Safety Glasses (89)

    Safety gloves (111)

    High Visibility Clothing (82)


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    • BODY
    • GLOVES
    • Fall arrest
    Work Pants Mach2 M2PA3 23,17  VAT not included
    Disposable polypropylene gown D118 1,13  VAT not included
    NOVA high visibility t-shirt 14,56  VAT not included
    PALIGPA cotton work trousers 13,65  VAT not included
    Construction helmet Onyx offer 55 €.

    Helmet specially designed for electrical insulation.

    Up to 1000 VAC / 1500 VDC

    Class 1 (GS-ET 29)

    Double Housing

    Anti fog treatment

    Adjustable head circumference

    Protection of molten metals and hot liquids

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    In our store we offer a full guarantee on any product of workwear, footwear or PPE.

    You can return what you have bought within the legal period of 14, requesting a refund of the amount paid.

    If the product received is in poor condition or does not correspond to what you bought, we will take care of everything.

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    Quality and Variety

    At we have selected a wide range of excellent quality products.

    We have also expanded our catalog so that you can buy by choosing any size and color you need, according to the most demanding current tastes in workwear and wardrobe.

    Workwear today has become the hallmark that distinguishes the company, industry or trade and we are aware of this.


    Screen Printing and Personalization

    At we offer you the opportunity to customize work clothes or PPE at prices that will surprise you very pleasantly.

    Choose the security garment or accessory you need and send us your logo or the image with which you want us to personalize it.

    You can also do everything online as one more order.

    Just upload the image file you want to upload and we'll take care of it.

    Dunlop Sneakers

    Here is a great brand, at very small prices

    Buy Online Work clothes or PPE

    They are similar concepts, almost synonymous, but they are not exactly the same.

    When we talk about work clothes or work clothes for women or men, we usually refer to the garments that we wear to carry out our work, that is, the professional clothing or work uniform.

    However, PPE are those garments or items of clothing that are expressly intended and designed to avoid an occupational hazard or minimize the damage that occurs in the event of an accident, clothing at the service of health and safety.

    You should also bear in mind that industrial work clothing, for construction or for a trade is more than uniforms, screen printing and embroidery.

    If you want to buy disposable clothing or safety footwear, it must be comfortable to increase productivity by reducing fatigue and also, has to protect against possible dangerous situations, the PPE.

    Today there is a wide variety, not only of work clothes for the sanitary, industrial field ... but also of PPE that are technologically very advanced and specifically designed to improve our safety and health.

    Specialists in Workwear.

    More than 20 years of experience in the field of uniforms and workwear and workwear support us.

    In our shop Online you can find offers, discounted prices and also choose between different levels of security both in work clothes for men and women, colors, styles, as well as in work clothes and PPE ... or there are even garments that are not proper protective equipment said, like shirts, vests, hats, caps, raincoats ...

    The importance of Workwear

    We must take into account, for example, that labor uniformity as a differentiating element of a company or company, even small or medium, is increasingly important.

    That is why in this online store we also include workwear customization and screen printing work at incredibly affordable prices.

    They are garments made with materials and fabrics with high-quality features, made of cotton, gel, polyester, leather or fur, knitted, polyvinyl chloride, elastic rubber, microfiber, they retain touch, elastic, with zipper and reinforced seam, with velcro closure, with lining, elastic, that adjust to the waist, ...

    Workwear for all Professions

    We sell from disposable clothing to accessories for waiter, kitchen, hostelry or staff of hotels o clinic, to Professionals health, gowns for health, pharmaceutical industry, veterinarians, aesthetics or hygiene, cleaning, accessories for welders, electricians, masons, plumbers, carpenters, gardening, construction, rain suits, low temperature work ...

    If you want to buy work uniforms, work jackets, vests, shorts, blouses, handkerchiefs, gowns, resistant pants, knee pads, overalls and overalls, polo shirts, jackets, sweaters, shirts, long or short sleeved shirts, footwear, a shoe comfortable, security boots, clogs, harness, hulls, glasses, gloves protection ... here you will find excellent prices for comfortable and durable garments that, in the end, will have a very positive effect on performance labor and efficiency in the work done.