Work and safety footwear.

Protective footwear with comfort for your feet.

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CHAUSSON isothermic socks
5,88  VAT not included
100% polyester isothermal slippers.

Labor Footwear + Purchased

Best-selling work and safety footwear for its excellent quality-price ratio.
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VIAGI plush split leather work shoes
45,44  VAT not included
29,95  VAT not included
MIAMI S1P SRC polyester cotton footwear
22,29  - 22,47  VAT not included
Dunlop Flying Wing A / B Safety Shoe Black
49,05  VAT not included
Panter Diamante Plus Safety Shoe
36,85  VAT not included
Panter E Zion Super Numan safety shoe
25,54  VAT not included

Work shoes for men and women in all types of jobs.

The footwear that we show you is a selection of the best options for your feet.

From a comfortable shoe that absorbs and maximizes the energy of the foot, to boots specially made to work in environments with hydrocarbons.

Or work shoes designed so that your feet rest and resist comfortably during your workday.

Choose the comfortable protection for your feet that best suits your needs ... comfort, safety and style.

When to buy safety work shoes and work shoes?

When you are in the workplace it is essential not to run the risk of injury and there are safety regulations to protect workers and their health trying to avoid possible accidents that may occur.

Some regulations have expanded the importance of wearing the correct pair of shoes: the choice of work footwear can and should in fact vary according to the sector of use.

Occupational safety footwear must be used in certain work sectors and is certified by the manufacturer to meet the hygiene and safety standards established by current laws.

Best models of safety work shoes

There are specific models for each type of work, including those in which you work outdoors exposing yourself to the elements such as cold and water, uneven floors, slippery floors, your safety will always be guaranteed by the right work shoe.

How to choose the right work shoes?

Choose the right work shoes for each individual use, guaranteeing hygiene and safety with maximum comfort.

In our store we have the best accident prevention shoes, grouped by similar characteristics, according to seasonality, regulations and the specific needs of the different sectors of use.

It is possible to choose between all the brands on the accident prevention market at the best price, with the possibility of consulting, for each shoe, a detailed technical description, with all the reference standards and intended to help you in choosing the model according to your needs. specific needs.

Are there differences in safety footwear by type of work activity?

As with any other garment or work tool: YES.

For example, those who work in professional gardening, animal husbandry, meat and fish processing, or work outdoors in humid environments, in direct contact with water, will find that boots are the most suitable option.

For employees in restaurants, canteens, bars, hospitals, dental and medical offices, sandals and clogs for accident prevention are ideal to carry out their work, just as clogs guarantee maximum comfort, hygiene, durability and ease of cleaning .

For bricklayers, mechanics, engineers, construction workers, healthcare professionals and hospitals, another critical element in working safely is making the right choice in accident prevention clothing.

In our online store you can buy safe work shoes to work and you can choose the best solution to have comfortable shoes according to the functions you perform at work to keep the integrity of your feet safe.