Workwear suitable for carpentry

Carpentry workwear

Risks and suitable work clothes for a carpenter and carpentry

Any manual work that involves the use of tools and machinery It is not exempt from risks that must be foreseen in order to avoid possible accidents that may arise.

This is the case of woodwork and cabinetmaking, where the Work clothes for carpenter takes on special relevance when it comes to protecting this professional from the numerous risks that their activity entails.

But, as in any prevention measure, the first thing is to know what possible causes of accidents there may be.

Risks of a carpenter

Woodworkers carry out numerous activities throughout their working day.

In addition, they not only do it within their workplace, it is often necessary for them to travel to construction sites or other locations where the causes of accidents may be greater.

In general terms, these are the risks that a carpentry professional has:

  • Handling of raw wood with the existence of chips.
  • Use of tools with sharp or cutting accessories.
  • Blows to the feet and hands derived from their activity, or when moving around the facilities or works.
  • Contacts with electricity derived from the use of tools.
  • Exposure to dust from sanding and cutting work.
  • Overexertion derived from the handling of large weights.
  • Inadequate exposure to toxic fumes from varnishes or paints.
  • Falls due to work at height.

What should a carpenter's uniform look like

What does a carpenter use to protect himself?

What is indicated is that which preserves the professional from the risks described above.

Let's see what elements can consist of:


Within the carpenter's uniform A type B or C safety helmet cannot be missing.

These protect against impacts, bumps or even igneous splashes. They are usually made of laminates with high resistance or based on fiberglass covered with resins.

Safety shoes

They must be reinforced with safety toecaps to protect the feet from accidents derived from crushing, blows, cuts or the actions produced by corrosive substances.

Safety glasses

Essential in the work clothes of a carpenter.

They protect the eyes against dust or possible sparks caused when they are used electric tools.

They must have lateral protection, and in the case of use of machines, a face shield must be added.


They can be of different lengths and made from thick leather.

Its function is to protect the hands against risks derived from cuts, scrapes, abrasions or friction.

Security clothes

The overalls is the carpenter's clothes more suitable for the protection of the body.

Protects before the effects of paintings, dust, different solvents and against mechanical risks such as punctures, abrasions and cuts.

Auditive protectors

Earplugs made of rubber, foam or silicone are capable of reducing noise by 15 dB.

In the case of using power tools, it is necessary to use protectors with a higher degree of acoustic insulation.

Other security features

They are used in the case of carrying out actions that entail other types of risks not derived from the activity of carpentry.

It is the case of Work at height, where they must use safety harnesses or elements that prevent the different existing risks due to falls.

La carpenter clothes It must be the one necessary to protect the worker from the risks inherent in their activity.

Using the right elements is essential to preserve your health and to carry out your activity with the greatest possible comfort.

Safety helmets (52)

Earplugs (13)

Safety Glasses (86)

Safety gloves (116)