High visibility clothing, Reflective and fluorescent clothing.

Choose from high-visibility pants, parkas, jackets, polo shirts, raincoats and T-shirts that best suit your needs.

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27,58  VAT not included
High visibility jacket with elastic cuffs.


27,86  VAT not included
Polar fleece jacket with zip closure.


13,93  VAT not included
55% cotton and 45% polyester mesh T-shirt 150 g/m² 


€21.00 VAT not included
Sweatshirt jacket with knitted cuffs and hem.


21,70  VAT not included
High visibility: Class 1 - silver color.

Wind2 High Visibility Trousers

11,75  VAT not included
Very light high visibility trousers, made of polyester / cotton, with a wide cut that ensures total freedom of movement.

Tornado Combi Rain High Visibility Trousers

8,69  VAT not included
High visibility waterproof trousers in various colors.

Tornado High Visibility Rain Pants

8,69  VAT not included
High visibility waterproof pants designed for work in moderate rain conditions.

Sunny Plus High Visibility Polo

10,04  VAT not included
Polo that wicks perspiration to the outside and dries very quickly.

Vega Combi High Visibility Vest

19,43  VAT not included
Designed to isolate body temperature from outside temperature.

High Visibility Trekking Combi Trousers

12,54  VAT not included
Reinforced and very resistant trousers, thanks to its double seams on both sides to provide greater solidity.

Sunway Plus High Visibility Shirt

11,97  VAT not included
Lightweight and breathable classic cut shirt made from a cotton-polyester blend.

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Buy high visibility clothing

Work performed on road workplaces or in poor visibility conditions requires special protective clothing to prevent work accidents.

High visibility clothing offers you complete safety and comfort .

You will find high visibility garments in reflective orange and yellow: pants, parka, raincoats, vests, polo shirts and t-shirts.

Fluorescent clothing guarantees maximum safety and visibility , is available in safety classes 2 and 3 and is ideal for road works and in urban and suburban environments.

Our range of high visibility clothing is certified and equipped with reflective strips.

To ensure comfort and breathability, all of our high-visibility essentials such as polo shirts, T-shirts, pants and jackets are made from cotton fabric. This cotton blend fabric combines the durability of polyester with the breathability and comfort of cotton for a comfortable skin feel .

High Visibility Workwear

For all those who work near roads, on the roads themselves and outside in low visibility or dark conditions, such as garbage collectors, highway workers and surveyors, they are required by law to wear high-visibility clothing. visibility that can visually signal your presence.

All our garments are made with fluorescent / retro-reflective material and reflective strips.

Buy high visibility clothing according to the type of security

High-visibility clothing is divided into several safety classes depending on the surface of the fluorescent material (for daylight) and retro-reflective material (for car headlights at night and at night).

Safety class 3 is the class that provides the highest degree of safety and visibility.

To be certified according to class 3, the fluorescent garment must be equipped with reflective bands around the arms and torso.

This class is mandatory for all those who work or are in the vicinity of highways, transport routes or airports .

For those who work in the vicinity or on the back roads and for couriers, class 2 is sufficient .

And class 1 are the basic visibility garments used by other professionals who need to be seen from a distance.