Botas de fullfilment of security requirements and work comfortable and resistant to Man y mujer.

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Food metal safety boots Velilla B450A S2 SRC
23,91  VAT not included
Microfiber, prevents the penetration and absorption of water
Safety boots Velilla 707006 S3 SRC
40,56  VAT not included
Resistance to penetration and absorption of water.
Panter E Zion Super Marseille S3 Safety Boots
24,74  VAT not included
Water-repellent, extra thick and non-sparking natural 1st grain leather.
Panter Silex Plus S3 Safety Boots
39,03  VAT not included
Ergonomic and extra wide last, which offers a special width and great stability.
Panter Pandion S3 Safety Boots
36,58  VAT not included
Free of metallic elements in waterproofed natural split leather and high quality textile material with breathable capacity.
PVC Lined Safety Half Boot S5 CI SRC NICKEL
32,26  VAT not included
Protective stainless steel toe cap.
Curved Work Boot PVC OB SRA Land
16,50  VAT not included
Allows the boot to be easily removed after a day's work
SELLA waterproof trekking boot
52,14  VAT not included
Anti-slip sole
ODIEL brown trekking boot
31,74  VAT not included
Rubber outsole
ALHAMA Green Trekking Boot
31,74  VAT not included
Leather trekking boots with laces MORELLA
28,29  VAT not included
High-slip sole.
NIJAR split leather trekking boots
45,27  VAT not included
Non-slip black sole.
DELTA split suede work boots
14,67  VAT not included
Lace closure.
MANGLAR canvas split boots
17,01  VAT not included
They have a rubber sole and lace closure.
CARONA zip split boot
20,99  VAT not included
Inner sheepskin against the cold.
S3 DAFNE leather safety boots
43,77  VAT not included
Anti-perforation flex insole.
Leather safety boots velcro closure S3 URIAN
32,94  VAT not included
Light carbon toe cap.
S3 ISKUR leather safety boots
31,24  VAT not included
Carbon Light toe cap.
S3 ARION split boots
34,56  VAT not included
Anatomical, anti-sweat and anti-static insole.
S3 MEGAN lined leather safety boot
62,22  VAT not included
With special shearling lining for the cold.
56,97  VAT not included
Anti-perforation, lightweight, flexible, and antimagnetic textile insole.
KEMISS4 PVC safety boots
20,13  VAT not included
Inner template: removable, washable and insulating.
PVC FREEZE Lined Half Boots
17,53  VAT not included
Lining: Brushed polyester fur.
PVC Safety Boots S5 SRC IRONS5
20,96  VAT not included
Protection of maleola.
SRA GroundmcOB PVC semi work boots
8,38  VAT not included
Boots with PVC shaft.Especially suitable for gardening work.
PVC FLEX GOLD2 S5 SRC Safety Boots
25,99  VAT not included
Improved grip for easier putting on the boot
JUMPER3 S1P SRC Safety Boots
18,64  VAT not included
Sole: Injected - bi-density PU.
JUMPER3 S1 SRC safety boots
18,48  VAT not included
Lining: Polyamide mesh.
Leather Safety Boots JUMPER3 S3 SRC
22,52  VAT not included
Boots with embossed butt leather shank and S3 waterproof treatment. Lining: Polyamide mesh. Inner template: Preformed removable
Jumper3 S3 FUR HC SRC safety boots
39,40  VAT not included
Sole with special PU material resistant to - 30 ° C
Jumper3 S3 FUR SRC safety boots
32,16  VAT not included
Upper: Engraved croup leather, S3 waterproof treatment.
Jhayber New Menphis Safety Boots
28,50  VAT not included
Wide last safety boot with reflective elements.Padded tongue.
Black PVC high water boot
9,73  VAT not included
With Inner Knit CoatingSize: 36 to 48
S5 black tall wellies
21,60  VAT not included
JHayber New Detroit Safety Boots
31,95  VAT not included
ES® buckle quick release closure.Reflective elements.
JHayber New Dakota Safety Boot
29,95  VAT not included
· Wide fit. · Quick-release velcro closure.
JHayber Chicago Safety Boot
26,95  VAT not included
· Reflective elements.· Padded tongue with gusset.
Jhayber REPORT S3 SRC Trekking Safety Boot
41,95  VAT not included
Tread stabilizer on the bridge
RADON S3 SRC Safety Boots
34,50  VAT not included
Safety Boots Special wide last.
JHayber FUJI S3 HRO SRC Sports Safety Boot
73,50  VAT not included
JHAYFLEX non-metallic anti-perforation insole.

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Virage S1P SRC split leather safety boots
Virage S1P SRC split leather safety boots 48,79  VAT not included
Dunlop First One ADV EVO BASIC Safety Shoes
Dunlop First One ADV EVO BASIC Safety Shoes 40,59  VAT not included
Jumper3 S3 FUR SRC safety boots
Jumper3 S3 FUR SRC safety boots 32,16  VAT not included
Gargas II S1P SRC safety boots
Gargas II S1P SRC safety boots 28,31  VAT not included
DUNLOP FLYING SWORD Work Shoes 56,25  VAT not included

What are safety boots?

Our security boots They are a type de footwear covers more body surface protect the feet and part of the leg against blows, punctures, cuts, humidity, corrosive liquids... that is why they are used in jobs that are exposed to these risks.

When to buy safety boots?

In the realization of work they need one protección extra feet and malleolus, or part of the leg, as well as major ankle support.

The examples can to be the water boots, boots of fullfilment of security requirements high-top, reinforced, with steel toecap, metal free, with anti-shock insoledrilling, boots of work light, flexible...

Why buy safety boots with us?

At we have been offering the best boots for more than 10 years fullfilment of security requirements and all type of boots of work.

You can buy boots from work safe with the confidence of having chosen good boots fullfilment of security requirements to reduce the injury y accidents in place of work.

the boots of fullfilment of security requirements They protect feet from slips, trips and other mishaps.

You will not have to deal with any problems when you have to undergo an inspection labor.

Thus, you can find the following designations: S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5.

the boots of fullfilment of security requirements that are in our catalog, offer a grip extra and safer in any type Of land.

They are both capable of coping with unevenness or pending earrings steep, wet roads or floors covered with oil or hydrocarbons in the workshops.

If you want to make sure your feet are safe from possible injury in the work, you need to make sure you are using the footwear Right.

These boots are designed to to be a warranty de fullfilment of security requirements and they will give you stability, traction, removable insoles and high heel shoes reinforced… in addition to protecting your feet from moisture, cold and the heat.

The best thing about the boots you can buy here is that they combine three very important factors in the work: functionality, fullfilment of security requirements and comfort.