Rainwear and Raincoats.

Trousers and waterproof jackets or sets of the best Work clothes to protect us from rain and water.

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GALWAY rain pants
23,24  VAT not included
Rain pants with heat-sealed seams.
OTAKE rain jacket
59,64  VAT not included
Polyamide fabric impregnated with polyurethane.
TATRY breathable waterproof parka
61,53  VAT not included
Parka with heat-sealed seams.
39,48  VAT not included
Anti-cold zip closure. Fixed hood.
Komodo2 fire retardant rain parka
126,00  VAT not included

2-in-1 parka: Detachable jacket. Parka: Heat-sealed seams.

PVC 304 rain set
7,84  VAT not included
Polyester impregnated inside and outside PVC.
Rain Coat 305
6,37  VAT not included
DOUBLE PVC impregnation
Rain Coat MA400
11,62  VAT not included
Rain coat with taped seams.
PVC 400 rain set
10,99  VAT not included
JACKET Polyamide impregnated inside with PVC.
850VES semi polyurethane rain jacket
17,57  VAT not included
Heat sealed seams.
Tofino PVC Rain Coat
20,93  VAT not included
Anti-cold zip closure with velcro flap.
13,65  VAT not included
Low leg opening by snaps with velcro adjustment flap. Watertight seams.
Lidingo polyester rain set
37,38  VAT not included
Lining: 100% Polyester
MILTON2 breathable waterproof parka
57,75  VAT not included
Heat sealed seams. Anti-cold zip closure.
Reflective PVC rain set 604v2
57,12  VAT not included
Stitched and taped seams. PVC outer impregnated polyester jacket.
Reflective Rain Raincoat 605V2
55,72  VAT not included
Rain coat. Heat sealed seams.
Reflective Rain Raincoat EN208V2
52,92  VAT not included
 Heat sealed seams. Fixed hood.