Short-use or single-use work clothes.

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Disposable Jumpsuit with Flame Retardant Hood DT223
7,46  VAT not included
DELTATEK 6000 DISPOSABLE DIVER WITH HOOD - TYPE 5 - 6 - FIRE RESISTANT Diver with 3-part elastic hood.
Disposable polypropylene gown D118
1,13  VAT not included
The front of the gown is fastened with hooks. Delivered in individual container Size L.
Disposable Type II Medical Masks
3,00  VAT not included
Box 50 Masks with adjustable nose clip. Elastic support around the ears.
FFP2 masks
1,45  VAT not included
Protection mask against pathogens such as the Covid-19 virus or CORONAVIRUS (PACK 1 INDIVIDUAL PACKAGED UNIT) Minimum filtration efficiency> 95%
Deltatek DT117 Disposable Hoodie
4,95  VAT not included
Diver with elastic hood. Zip closure with double slider under flap.
Disposable Shoe Covers
13,20  VAT not included
Box of 100 PAIRS. Breathable and waterproof sole.
Diver Safety White
8,50  VAT not included

With a closed hood, zip closure and adjustments at the waist, ankles and wrists.

Elastic cuffs DT302 Deltachem
2,84  VAT not included
SLEEVES DT302 DELTACHEM Hose. DELTACHEM® non-woven. Elastic at both ends. Heat-sealed seams. Bag of 1 pair. One size
Overboots Deltachem DT301
4,58  VAT not included
Non-slip sole. Elastic adjustment on top edge and drawstring.
Deltachem DT300 Hoodie
13,13  VAT not included

DIVER WITH HOOD DELTACHEM DT300 Diver with elastic hood in 3 parts. Deltachem® nonwoven. Zip closure under double flap. Double elastic for the thumb. Adjustable elastic at the head, waist, cuffs and ankles. Individual vacuum packaging. DELTACHEM® 5-ply nonwoven. SMS with double external chemical barrier 82 g / m².

Integral Disposable Jumpsuit with Hood DT250
13,46  VAT not included

INTEGRAL DISPOSABLE DIVER WITH HOOD DT250 Diver with integrated feet with non-slip sole and elastic hood. PE / PP non-woven. Zip closure under flap. Elastic closure at the head, waist, cuffs and ankles. Individual vacuum packaging. PE / PP non-woven.

Disposable Hoodie DT125
5,20  VAT not included

DISPOSABLE DIVER WITH HOOD DT125 Diver with 3-part elastic hood, non-woven. Composed of 2 materials: laminated microporous and SMS. Zip closure under flap. Adjustable elastic on the head, waist, wrists and ankles. Individual packing. Face: 60 g / m² laminated microporous. Back: SMS 52 g / m². COLOR White-Orange

TABALPV PVC work apron
4,74  VAT not included
PVC WORK APRON PVC apron without textile support. Metal eyelets and PVC drawstring at the waist. One size. Thickness: 0,30mm. Dimensions: 120cm x 90 cm.
TABLIVE double PVC polyester apron
2,51  VAT not included
DOUBLE POLYESTER APRON PVC IMPREGNATION TABLIVE. PVC impregnated polyester fabrics. Plastic eyelets and drawstring. Thickness: 0,35 mm Dimensions: 110x75 cm.
Dellantal polyurethane TABPU
19,67  VAT not included
Metal eyelets and drawstring at the waist with adjustment buckle at the neck.
Disposable Overboots DT111 Bag 10 Pairs
9,50  VAT not included
Box of 100 KITVI disposable kits
64,68  VAT not included
BOX OF 100 VISITOR KITS KITVI Visitor kit composed of: 1 polyethylene gown (Ref. BLOUSPE). 1 Polypropylene accordion clip hat (Ref. PO111). 1 2-fold paper mask (Ref. MASQU2). 1 pair of shoe covers from (Ref. SURCHPE). Box of 100 kits.
Polyethylene sleeves Bag 100 MANCHBE
3,70  VAT not included
BAG OF 100 POLYETHYLENE SLEEVES MANCHBE Polyethylene sleeves 21 microns. Elastic at both ends. Dimensions: 40 x 20 cm. Bag of 100 pieces.
Polyethylene sleeves Bag 100 MANCHBL
3,70  VAT not included
BAG OF 100 POLYETHYLENE SLEEVES MANCHBL Sleeve. Polyethylene. Elastic at both ends. Dimensions: 40 x 20 cm. Bag of 100 pieces.
SurchPlus disposable polypropylene shoe covers
14,39  VAT not included
IT COVERS SHOES DISPOSABLE POLYPROPYLENE BOX 50 COUPLE SURCHPLUS HERMETIC PLASTIFIED SOLE Shoe covers. Non-woven polypropylene. Hermetic plasticized sole. Elastic adjustment at the ankle. Bag of 50 pairs.
Surchpo Nonwoven Disposable Shoe Covers
8,25  VAT not included
DISPOSABLE SHOE COVERS POLYPROPYLENE BOX 50 COUPLE SURCHPO Covers shoes made of non-woven polypropylene.
Disposable polyethylene aprons bag of 100 TABPO02
11,48  VAT not included
BAG OF 100 Short-use polyethylene aprons One size
Disposable Polypropylene Jumpsuit PO106 Hood
1,93  VAT not included
35 g / m² non-woven propylene coverall. Elasticated hood. Zip closure. Elasticated waist, ankles and cuffs.
Polypropylene Hoodie PO109
2,09  VAT not included
POLYPROPYLENE JACKET WITH HOOD PO109 Closed hood with 35g / m2 elastic Zip closure. Elastic adjustment on the cuffs.
7,52  VAT not included
BOX OF 100 HATS ROUND POLYPROPYLENE PO110. Round non-woven polypropylene cap 10g / m². Elastic fit. Diameter: 53 cm
Disposable Jumpsuit with elastic hood DT115
3,52  VAT not included
Work coverall with elastic hood, non-woven (70% polypropylene / 30% polyethylene).
Disposable Hoodie DT119
7,54  VAT not included
 SEALED SEAMS Diver with elastic hood.
Disposable Hoodie DT215
2,90  VAT not included
HOODED JACKET DT215 Diver with elastic hood, non-woven (100% polypropylene SMS). Closure: Zip under flap. Adjustable elastics on the head, waist, cuffs and ankles. Individual packaging.
Disposable Hoodie DT221
4,49  VAT not included
DISPOSABLE HOODED SWIMSUIT DT221 DELTATEK® 6000 Work overall with elastic hood. DELTATEK® 6000 non-woven. Zip closure with double slider under flap. Elastic adjustment at the ankles, waist and on the head. Knitted cuffs. Individual vacuum packaging.
Disposable visitor gowns BLOUSPE
49,37  VAT not included
DISPOSABLE VISITOR ROBES BLOUSPE BOX OF 100 UNITS Visitor polyethylene gown, closing by 3 pressures. Raglan sleeves.
Disposable Gown with Clasps BLOUSPO
1,44  VAT not included


TOQUE Folded Chef Hats
7,63  VAT not included
Extra white crepe paper. Height: 25 cm.

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