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Delta Plus Brand Products:

Its full range of Workwear and PPE protects workers from head to toe in the workplace.

Their products:

Work Footwear
Safety Gloves
Disposable Workwear
Safety Glasses
High Visibility Wardrobe
Body Safety Clothing
Safety - Fall Protection
Safety helmets

They satisfy the most demanding needs for the protection of the worker and each user.

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Work pants Woman Mach2 M2PA3F
23,17  VAT not included
Pants specially designed in size, style and shape for women.
MYSEN2 detachable sleeve jacket
34,30  VAT not included
96% polyester 4% elastane "Softshell" fabric.
PANOSTRPA Work Trousers
20,16  VAT not included
Komodo2 fire retardant rain parka
126,00  VAT not included

2-in-1 parka: Detachable jacket. Parka: Heat-sealed seams.

Panostyle M6GIL work vest
17,85  VAT not included
Multi-pocket vest. Zipper closure under bias.
Work Trousers M6PAN
16,73  - 18,13  VAT not included
Elasticated waist.
Panostyle M6VES work jacket
19,81  VAT not included
Work jacket with elastic cuffs. 4 pockets.
Panostyle M6COM work diver
31,01  VAT not included
Zipper closure under bias. Elasticated waist.