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Its full range of Workwear and PPE protects workers from head to toe in the workplace.

Their products:

Work Footwear
Safety Gloves
Disposable Workwear
Safety Glasses
High Visibility Wardrobe
Body Safety Clothing
Safety - Fall Protection
Safety helmets

They satisfy the most demanding needs for the protection of the worker and each user.

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Work Bermuda M2BE3
19,67  VAT not included
MACH2 POLYESTER / COTTON WORK BERMUDA SHORTS M2BE3 Bermuda. Regular cut. Elastic waist on the sides. 7 pockets, includes 1 pocket
Disposable Jumpsuit with Flame Retardant Hood DT223
7,18  VAT not included
DELTATEK 6000 DISPOSABLE DIVER WITH HOOD - TYPE 5 - 6 - FIRE RESISTANT Diver with 3-part elastic hood.
Work pants Woman Mach2 M2PA3F
23,17  VAT not included
Pants specially designed in size, style and shape for women.
Work Pants Mach2 M2PA3
23,17  VAT not included
Triple stitching: Longer service life
High visibility work jacket PHVE2
29,54  VAT not included
High visibility jacket with elastic cuffs.
ZENITH high visibility fleece jacket
30,03  VAT not included
Polar fleece jacket with zip closure.
NOVA high visibility t-shirt
14,56  VAT not included
55% cotton and 45% polyester mesh T-shirt 150 g / m² 
ASTRAL high visibility sweatshirt
22,54  VAT not included
Sweatshirt jacket with knitted cuffs and hem.
GALWAY rain pants
23,24  VAT not included
Rain pants with heat-sealed seams.
OTAKE rain jacket
59,64  VAT not included
Polyamide fabric impregnated with polyurethane.
17,92  VAT not included
Sweatshirt with cuffs and hems of the garment in knitted fabric.
Polyester knit jacket BEAVER
22,61  VAT not included
Knitted jacket (combined with MACH and PANOSTYLE ranges).
MARMOT fleece sweater
25,55  VAT not included
Reinforced shoulders and elbows
NAGOYA fleece jacket
45,36  VAT not included
Knitted jacket (combined with the MACH ORIGINALS range).
SHERMAN fleece jacket
43,54  VAT not included
Polar fleece jacket with anti-cold zip closure.
MYSEN2 detachable sleeve jacket
34,30  VAT not included
96% polyester 4% elastane "Softshell" fabric.
HORTEN3 laminated 2-layer softshell jacket
41,30  VAT not included
96% polyester 4% elastane 3-layer laminated "Softshell" fabric.
M2PW3 flannel lined work trousers
33,88  VAT not included
Triple stitching for longer life
STOCKTON3 multi-pocket vest
23,24  VAT not included
Anti-cold zip closure.
GDOON down vest
28,42  VAT not included
Ripstop polyamide fabric impregnated with Polyurethane.
30,10  VAT not included
Polyamide / polyester fleece "Softshell" fabric.
DOON quilted down
29,40  VAT not included
Lower edge of the sleeves and bottom of the garment with bias termination.
MOOVE padded jacket
44,59  VAT not included
Ripstop polyamide padded fabric impregnated with polyurethane.
DARWIN3 polyester pongee parka
25,06  VAT not included
Pongee polyester fabric impregnated with PVC.
HELSINKI2 PVC polyester parka
35,28  VAT not included
KOPER cotton jacket
39,76  VAT not included
Stonewashed jacket.
TATRY breathable waterproof parka
61,53  VAT not included
Parka with heat-sealed seams.
EOLE 3-in-1 Parka
81,20  VAT not included
3-in-1 parka, with detachable anti-cold jacket.
YEMAN ripstop jacket
46,34  VAT not included
Cuffs and hem of the garment with knitted fabric.
GRAVITY padded vest
30,66  VAT not included
Vest with anti-cold zip closure. Protects kidneys.
OLINO polyester cotton sweatshirt
15,26  VAT not included
Sweatshirt with reinforcement on the back and elbows.
RUBY flannel work shirt
13,51  VAT not included
Long-sleeve shirt.
KODIAK fleece jacket
36,82  VAT not included
Polar fleece jacket with anti-cold zip closure.
BRIGHTON2 polar fleece jacket
28,70  VAT not included
Polar fleece jacket with zip closure.
ORSA laminated 3-layer jacket
48,30  VAT not included
Jacket with detachable sleeves.
LORCA cotton polyester jacket
37,38  VAT not included
Ventilation eyelets under sleeves Increased ventilation for better perspiration removal
TURINO long sleeve polo shirt
17,78  VAT not included
Long sleeves with knitted cuffs.
100% cotton GENOA T-shirt
8,75  VAT not included
Short sleeve two-tone T-shirt (Combined with MACH range).
PALIGVE cotton palau work jacket
15,89  VAT not included
Work jacket with elastic cuffs.
100% cotton MSLPA work trousers
30,38  VAT not included
Trousers with preformed knee pads.