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Delta Plus Brand Products:

Its full range of Workwear and PPE protects workers from head to toe in the workplace.

Their products:

Work Footwear
Safety Gloves
Disposable Workwear
Safety Glasses
High Visibility Wardrobe
Body Safety Clothing
Safety - Fall Protection
Safety helmets

They satisfy the most demanding needs for the protection of the worker and each user.

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KEMISS4 PVC safety boots
18,48  VAT not included
Inner template: removable, washable and insulating.
7,70  VAT not included
Specially designed for health, hygiene, clean rooms ...
Safety Shoe ESD Polyester MIAMIS1PESD
27,26  VAT not included
MIAMI S1P SRC ESD POLYESTER COTTON Safety Shoe Upper: Polyester and cotton. Inner template: Preformed removable -
Microfiber S2 SRC Miami Work Shoes
24,05  VAT not included
Widely used in clean rooms - Hygiene
MIAMI S1P SRC polyester cotton footwear
22,29  - 22,47  VAT not included
Upper: Polyester and cotton.
Air mesh footwear S1P SRC COMO
28,74  VAT not included
Plush suede and polyester mesh upper
ARONA S1P SRC fabric desert boots
27,79  VAT not included
Extra comfortable and flexible shoe for walking.
SUMMER S1P SRC polyester cotton Work shoes
31,63  VAT not included
Upper: Polyester and cotton. Inner template: Preformed removable
GOULT II S1P SRC engraved leather shoes
26,47  VAT not included
2D PU SOLE. CLASSIC + low-range footwear
Gargas II S1P SRC safety boots
26,57  VAT not included
ROBION 3 S2 SRC agro-type footwear
32,89  VAT not included
Upper: Microfiber. Lining: Polyamide. Inner insole: Removable - Polyamide on EVA with shape adapted to the foot.
Maubec 3 SBEA SRC Clogs
30,23  VAT not included
Water resistant microfiber shank Machine wash up to 30 ° C, easy to maintain