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Its full range of Workwear and PPE protects workers from head to toe in the workplace.

Their products:

Work Footwear
Safety Gloves
Disposable Workwear
Safety Glasses
High Visibility Wardrobe
Body Safety Clothing
Safety - Fall Protection
Safety helmets

They satisfy the most demanding needs for the protection of the worker and each user.

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Anti-static anti-cut safety gloves VENICUTB05
64,68  VAT not included
12 COUPLE ideal gloves for the automotive industry
Anti-static anti-cut safety gloves VENICUTB07
68,04  VAT not included
12 PAIRS of gloves with nitrile microfoam impregnation on the palm and fingertips.
Anti-cut safety gloves VENICUTDX0
119,28  VAT not included
12 COUPLE of anti-cut gloves with high performance fiber backing HEATnocut.
Anti-cut safety gloves VENICUTD01
73,08  VAT not included
12 COUPLE of gloves with foam nitrile impregnation on palm and fingertips.
VENICUT59 Light Plus anti-cut safety gloves
74,76  VAT not included
12 COUPLE gloves with excellent cut resistance (level D)
Reinforced safety gloves VENICUTD09
68,04  VAT not included
12 COUPLE of gloves with reinforcement between thumb and forefinger. 
Nitrile double impregnation safety gloves VENICUTD04
85,68  VAT not included
12 COUPLE of gloves made of high-performance fiber DELTAnocut®.
Antistatic safety gloves VENICUTD06
84,84  VAT not included
12 COUPLE of high-performance fiber gloves DELTAnocut®.
Antistatic safety glove VENICUTD05
81,48  VAT not included
12 COUPLE ideal gloves for the automotive industry
Anti-shock safety gloves Eos nocut Winter VV913
112,56  VAT not included
6 COUPLE of gloves with double impregnation of smooth nitrile / nitrile foam on palm and fingertips.
Eos Nocut VV910 anti-cut safety gloves
185,64  VAT not included
12 COUPLE Gloves with protection against blows in the metacarpal area.
Eos flex cut D VV922 anti-cut safety gloves
152,04  VAT not included
12 pairs of gloves with integral protection of the hand against cuts, blows, strong impacts and pinches.
Xtrem Cut Safety Gloves VENICUTF03
82,32  VAT not included
12 COUPLE  gloves with the highest level of cut protection on the market
LYNX HAR5R 35-point fall arrest harness
198,10  - 200,90  VAT not included
FALL ANTI-FALL HARNESS WITH BELT FOR LEGS AND 5 ATTACHMENT POINTS Two-color harness for rope work, with belt for
Work Bermuda M2BE3
19,67  VAT not included
MACH2 POLYESTER / COTTON WORK BERMUDA SHORTS M2BE3 Bermuda. Regular cut. Elastic waist on the sides. 7 pockets, includes 1 pocket
Disposable Jumpsuit with Flame Retardant Hood DT223
7,18  VAT not included
DELTATEK 6000 DISPOSABLE DIVER WITH HOOD - TYPE 5 - 6 - FIRE RESISTANT Diver with 3-part elastic hood.
Pacaya T5 Welder Safety Goggles
9,77  VAT not included
Folding nylon temples.
Filters Replacement Welding Helmet Screen Plate
3,99  VAT not included
Polycarbonate filters.
Hekla2 Clear Delta Plus Safety Glasses
2,79  VAT not included
Hekla2 Clear Delta Plus Polycarbonate Safety Glasses Monoblock polycarbonate glasses. Side protections. Integrated polycarbonate nose bridge. Temples
Kiska2 Delta Plus Safety Glasses
4,90  VAT not included
Extra-thin metal-free frame and extra-flexible polycarbonate nosepiece.
Vulcano2 Plus Clear Delta Plus Safety Glasses
5,54  VAT not included
Vulcano2 Plus Clear Monobloc Polycarbonate Glasses Adjustable and folding nylon temples. Spatulate ends. Extra comfort flexible TPE nose bridge.
Tetra AN14006F Delta Plus Crash Protector
254,80  VAT not included
Inertial locking system.
Crash Protector Load AN530 Delta Plus
644,00  VAT not included
Integrated power sink
Crash Protector Load AN518 Delta Plus
315,00  VAT not included
Structure protected from the stresses generated by the fall
Crash Protector Load AN517 Delta Plus
287,00  VAT not included
Fall arrest with automatic load return.
Extra large protector AN19060T Delta Plus
2.072,00  VAT not included
IP66 watertight stainless cable
Crash Protector Extra Large AN19040T Delta Plus
1.820,00  VAT not included
Resistance in aggressive environments
Disposable Ear Plugs CONICFIR050 Delta Plus
48,93  VAT not included
Profiled 3-fin design - more material to contact the ear canal
CONICCOPLUS200 Delta Plus Disposable Plugs
47,88  VAT not included
Ergonomic last. Optimal placement in the ear canal
Anti-fall EX030400 Delta Plus
126,70  VAT not included
Anti-fall EX030200 Delta Plus
121,10  VAT not included
Hook: Steel.
Cameleon AN066A Delta Plus Lifeline
103,60  VAT not included
Cameleon AN066 Delta Plus Anti-Hair Loss
84,70  VAT not included
3 products in 1 multifunction
AN245200PRR Delta Plus Absorber Fall Protection
275,80  VAT not included
30kV insulating material.
Anti-fall Absorber AN235200PR Delta Plus
182,00  VAT not included
Equipped with an AM010D carabiner + 1 AM022D hook.
Work pants Woman Mach2 M2PA3F
23,17  VAT not included
Pants specially designed in size, style and shape for women.
Work Pants Mach2 M2PA3
23,17  VAT not included
Triple stitching: Longer service life
PVC Lined Safety Half Boot S5 CI SRC NICKEL
34,22  VAT not included
Protective stainless steel toe cap.
Curved Work Boot PVC OB SRA Land
17,50  VAT not included
Allows the boot to be easily removed after a day's work
Monoblock Polycarbonate Glasses Brava2 AB
2,31  VAT not included
Easy to use with a construction helmet and anti-noise helmets.