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    PIT-RADIO 3 Radio Electronic Helmets
    80,52  VAT not included
    Electronic anti-noise helmets, equipped with a radio system. It allows you to listen to the radio in the FM band (87 -108 MHz) while protecting your hearing in an effective and pleasant way.
    Anti-noise Helmets for SUZUKA2 Construction Helmets
    10,43  VAT not included
    Height-adjustable helmets for work helmets. High flexibility ABS arm and shells.
    SPA3 Anti-noise Helmets
    5,21  VAT not included

    ANTI-NOISE HELMET SPA3 SNR 28 dB Anti-noise helmet with polystyrene (PS) shells and synthetic foam. Height adjustable ABS arch. Comfortable pads. SNR: 28 dB.

    INTERLAGOS Anti-noise Helmets
    13,07  VAT not included
    Anti-noise helmet with ABS earmuffs. Synthetic foam padding.
    Anti-noise helmets for construction helmets MAGNY HELMET2
    12,67  VAT not included
    Height adjustable construction helmet anti-noise.
    MAGNY COURS 2 Anti Noise Helmets
    13,40  VAT not included
    Anti-noise helmet with ABS earmuffs. Synthetic foam padding.
    Forest type helmet FORESTIER 3
    29,04  VAT not included

    FOREST TYPE HELMET FORESTIER 3 Forest type helmet composed of: ZIRCON construction helmet: Polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), with ultraviolet treatment. Sponge sweatshirt. Inner polyethylene harness (LDPE) with 8 attachment points. SUZUKA2 anti-noise. VISOR HOLDER visor holder. VISORG mesh visor. Packed in cardboard box.

    Buy hearing protection against noise and sounds.

    Electronic anti-noise helmets with radio, adjustable in height, adaptable to construction helmets, foldable, helmets to wear on the neck, with earmuffs, with pads ... anti-noise helmets to be used in construction, industry, heavy industry, motor sport, motor racing ...

    The perfect complement for ear safety along with earplugs.

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